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TRIO 20 (24 ranks) for Hauptwerk III, IV & Free Edition

N.B. With some alterations to the CODM file disabling the extra features of HW 3 and 4, the Trio 20-24 can be used with earlier editions of Hauptwerk. Using the appropriate software it would also be possible to create an HW 1 file. N.B. It will be necessary to convert all samples to 16 Bit for HW 1 operation.


Open Diapason 8' Gedeckt 8' Bourdon 16'
Stopped Diapason 8' Salicional 8' Principal 8'
Principal 4' Celestes 8' Bass Flute 8'
Spitzflute 4' Gemshorn 4' Choral Bass 4'
Fifteenth 2' Octave 2' Flute 4'
Mixture III Rks. (15:19:22) Mixture III Rks. (22:26:29) Fagot 16'
Trumpet 8' Basson Hautbois 8'  
Swell to Great Octave Swell Octave Swell to Pedal Octave
Swell to Great Swell Unison Off Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great Sub Octave Swell Sub Octave Great to Pedal

System Memory Requirements :-

Uncompressed 48K / 24 Bit : Approx 1.76 Gb

Uncompressed 48K / 16 Bit : Approx 963 Mb

Compressed 48K / 24 Bit : Approx 1.31 Gb

Compressed 48K / 16 Bit : Approx 749 Mb

Sound Demos :-

The following demos have been created using a single keyboard and sequencer. All demos except the Bach Choral (which was played without metronome) have been played at normal speed ie: no artificial tempo editing for rubato etc. has been introduced.

Bach: Choral from Sei Gegrusset

Bach: Variation V from Sei Gegrusset

Bach: Trio Sonata in C Minor - 1st. Movement excerpt

Mushel: Toccata excerpt

Graphics for TRIO 20:- 

Trio 20:



Resolution files are provided for standard, 1280 x 1024 screens or 1024 x 768 screens.

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