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Standard Console Model for Hauptwerk

Developed for use with Hauptwerk systems, our Standard Console Model has many significant design features allowing for great flexibility. Although the quality of craftsmanship in manufacture and materials is to the same standard as our more traditional custom built models, the basic design allows for numerous possibilities without the significant costs of designing and building an individual bespoke console.

Many months of research went into the design of this console so that the basic design could be manufactured relatively quickly and alterations could be made very easily without having to redesign the fundamental concept. Some of the features of this console are outlined below.

Fits through a standard domestic doorway

Traditional angled drawstop jambs or touch screen control

Professional curved sweeps for toe piston mounting

Optional locking doors and cover

Available in different wood types, colours and finishes

Choice of solid wood or veneered boards

Available with 2, 3 or 4 manual keyboards

30 or 32 note pedal boards - radiating concave or other designs

Available with single or multiple swell / expression pedals

Choice of number of combination pistons and layout

Variable mouldings and edging design

Quickly removable slot in panels throughout (only 2 screws required for initial release)

Main frame available in a bolt-together configuration for access to restricted spaces

Relatively light weight for easy moving

All components including controlling computer can be enclosed within the console


Please note that we cannot give firm prices on these consoles because there are so many variations available. Each console is priced according to the individual requirements of the customer which can vary very considerably depending on the eventual components chosen. As a small example; 20 standard toe pistons would cost approximately 700.00 whereas Harrison pattern toe pistons would cost approximately 1450.00. Having said that, a 3 manual solid oak console with touch screens using the very best individual components throughout would work out at approximately 25,000.00. The same console in oak veneered MDF and with more standard components would be approximately 15,000.00.

We believe that our consoles are exceedingly competitive and represent exceptional value for money when compared to those by any other manufacturer.

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements further.


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