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Hauptwerk instruments have the distinction that in many cases, they can be installed by amateurs. Most of the sample sets available for Hauptwerk provide little in the way of facilities to edit the sounds apart from through the basic voicing tools provided in the program and since a large majority are installed on instruments for the home, this is often sufficient.

However, church installations are a very different matter and professional voicing, balancing and regulation becomes more important if not essential. Our installation service can cover everything from basic setting up of an instrument in the church to the correct placement of speakers and note by note / stop by stop tonal finishing. This is very similar to the on site finishing required by all pipe organs.

It is up to the individual client as to how much we become involved. At the most basic level we may merely give the client pointers in the right direction as to who they might approach. At a more involved level we may act as a complete project manager from start to finish. Of course, we can be involved at any stage or for a specific part of any project as the customer wishes.

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