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Thumb & Toe Pistons etc.

Unlike the physical stop controllers, there is a wider selection of thumb pistons available from several different specialist manufacturers or indeed, standard electrical switches used for other industries apart from organ building. We tend to favour the standard KIMBER ALLEN units which have proved themselves over the years and are used worldwide. Toe pistons are available from a smaller group of manufacturers since they are specifically designed for organ building applications. Yet again, we tend to favour the units manufactured by K.A. which are available in several different designs. However, we are happy to source units from other suppliers. We recommend that all piston units be fitted with  reed switches.


Representative examples of toe pistons

Thumb pistons are mounted on solid wood slips as described under keyboards. Toe pistons are mounted on curved / swept fascia boards above the pedalboard.

Swell / expression pedals are available from several manufacturers including those manufactured for domestic keyboard products. However, in common with the other components that we use, we tend to favour those manufactured by K.A.

Please visit the Kimber Allen website to view full details of their extensive product range at


Standard K.A. thumb pistons work out from about 10.00 each.

Prices for basic K.A. toe pistons start at about 30.00 each.

K.A. swell pedals are about 150.00 each.

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