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We supply our own pedalboards to standard RCO designs and dimensions either in 30 or 32 note versions. Our pedalboards are manufactured in house using the best solid woods for stability and longevity and can be colour co-ordinated to the rest of the console. Contacts are usually the standard K.A. Pedal Contact Units or of reed switch design. Alternatively we can supply pedalboards from other sources such as Renatus or P & S. Pedalboards manufactured to different layouts (such as AGO, Mechelin etc.), compass and design are also available on request. Our usual pedalboards are made with beech keys in various wood frames together with sharps capped or whole in ebony, rosewood or other suitable hardwoods.

Console benches are available in many different designs either made in-house or sourced from other manufacturers. Wood type and finish are completely variable as required. Benches can be supplied as static or as manually / electrically adjustable versions.

Current prices for our own pedalboards work out at between 2000.00 and 2500.00 depending on compass and finish etc. Prices from other suppliers are similar.

Pedalboards in various stages of manufacture

Current prices for benches work out from 500.00 for a standard bench depending on design, type of wood and finish. Manually adjusted benches are priced from about 1,500.00 and electrically adjustable benches from about 2,000.00. 

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