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September 2017

The organ studio is now up and running and various sets are gradually being set up and voiced for the room and speakers. All in all, it's beginning to sound quite impressive although I may consider repositioning some of the speakers slightly. As you can see, the room is slightly church like (it even has a stained glass window) and quite sizeable.

August 3rd. 2017

Finally, we have superfast broadband. The guys arrived from Openreach yesterday and got everything installed and working. So far things seem to be fine with over 100 times faster speed. now instead of it taking up to three minutes to open a single page, it's almost instantaneous. No doubt, the beta testers will be pleased.

August 1st. 2017

The end of last week saw the successful delivery of the new four manual residence instrument mentioned under "July".

"Everything went wonderfully smoothly and I am loving the new instrument, your sample set is marvelous too and I've had many hours of enjoyment. The craftsmanship on the instrument is simply marvelous". PYJ

July  2017

After just over a year of planning and design, the final stage of a major installation in a well known public school is due to be completed in the next few weeks. Situated in a very attractive modern concert room in the music department facility, the instrument will have 48 channels of amplification and speakers controlled from a four manual console running a number of different sample sets. The speakers are situated on four levels behind a new pipe fronted case.

The intention of the instrument is to provide students with the facility to be able to play different instruments from around the world as well as providing instruments of the sort of tonality and specification that the original composers wrote their music for. The instrument will also be used for choral works and with orchestra.

*     *     *     *     *

Completion of another four manual takes place later this week and this instrument is for the residence of a private client. He is "up and coming" on the recital circuit as well as being organist for a London church and recently served as a cathedral organist in the UK.

*     *     *     *     *

On the sample development front, after nearly a year in development, the facsimile instrument from another public school is nearing completion. It should have been ready some months ago but unfortunately all of the samples had to be reworked again due to noticeable blower and action noise in the original samples. This was not particularly noticeable on individual stops but became an issue with larger combinations especially when convolved wet samples were used. However, it is now beginning to sound quite fine and produces a typical "grand" organ sound reminiscent of many UK town halls and cathedrals.




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