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Regardless of cost, quality or design or any other factor, conventional speakers are one area of the pipeless organ which can be classed as the least successful and the most difficult to achieve good results with. This unfortunately lies in the very nature of speakers themselves and although considerable improvements have been made over the years in speaker design and materials, the basic physical design concept has changed little. It is hard to see what can be done to improve matters short of a radical new way of doing things which so far, no one has come up with.

However, there are methods by which the conventional speaker can be improved upon when it comes to pipeless organ sound. None of these methods are actually particularly new and most have been used in one way or another over the last several decades.

As regards catering for the majority of stops, resonator speakers are a considerable step forward. Perhaps the best known of these were the CONN Electronic Pipes of several decades ago. The KIENLE company of Stuttgart, Germany have taken the original concept of the CONN pipes to a far greater degree of development and have been very successful in their endeavours. There is indeed a noticeable difference in the quality of sound when resonators are used - there would be little point if there wasn't. Other companies such as the now defunct WOOP (also of Germany) developed systems along similar lines which had some degree of success.

When it comes to bass speakers, one company that produced a valid solution was SERVODRIVE although they are also no longer in existence. Their product was an interesting concept but the complexity of methodology together with their high price put them out of the reach of all but the most expensive installations. M J ACOUSTICS manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality sub-woofers which will handle even the lowest of frequencies and are of remarkably small size. Yet again their high cost is a limiting factor. Likewise, the fairly recent THIGPEN speakers offer a solution which works well and uses a novel method of sound production but yet again, both size and price limit their use in all but a very few cases. This leaves one other company; SVS who produce a bass speaker design based on a cylinder. Yet again, these speakers are very expensive though some high end digital organ manufacturers use them.

We do have our own manufacturer and supplier of sub-bass speakers who provide a reasonably priced solution. They also manufacture for several other companies where their products are rebadged accordingly (and a considerable mark is added as well).

Certainly, it is possible to improve on conventional speakers when it comes to pipeless organs and to this end we are currently developing our own range of custom built speakers based on some of the ideas above namely; resonator and cylinder types. At the moment, these concepts are still very much in the initial stages of development and are based on a different design approach but we hope that this will result in a range of speakers which will not only be much more economical but will hopefully equal or exceed the results already achieved by some of the above marques.

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